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Backstage beauty: Ted Gibson at Vena Cava


Celebrity stylist Ted Gibson works his magic backstage at Vena Cava/Image: S. Whittle for Style Wylde 


Inspired by "the clothes we loved to wear in junior high school", Vena Cava designers Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock, created a nouveau-grunge collection for Fall 2011 that required, relaxed easy hair to compliment the looks, for a modern look that harked back to the era without looking costumey or dated.


Backstage before the show, SW caught up with celebrity stylist Ted Gibson to chat about his inspiration and execution of this retro-90s style.


The inspiration: Supermodel Christy Turlington's loose, piecey, textured waves circa mid 90's.


How it was done:

Gibson began by creating a sharp middle part and applying a mixture of Fix-it Gel and Tame-It Shine Lotion throughout the hair to give it texture and grip without being overly stiff and crunchy. Hair was then pinned back and slicked down at the crown to keep the part tidy. 

image: S.Whittle for Style WyldeFrom there, the hair was twisted in to loose coils and pinned-up to allow the hair to set.


image: S. Whittle for Style WyldeOnce hair was set, a low blow dryer was used to seperate and soften the look, and the models were ready to head to make-up.


Final look: Young modern, undone, morning after a late night out.


Real world readiness: Easy to execute, and adapt to your grunge-comfort level, Gibson suggested the extreme textured and almost messy looks work best for women in their 20's, with a slightly toned-down and smoothed out version looking modern and edgy on everyone.


For more information on celebrity stylist Ted Gibson, or to peruse his complete line of products visit the official Ted Gibson web home.







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